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Thanks for visiting us at Lake Wilson Marina!

Lake Wilson Marina is a one-stop shop for boaters and campers at Lake Wilson. We are the only marina on the lake providing groceries, fuel, bait and boating supplies. We have the best on-site, certified marine technician around and due to popular demand, we have brought back boat rentals!


Lake Wilson Marina is located in the southeast corner of the lake – just cross the bridge and look for the big American Flag! Our store is open from April through October. From bait to beer, (and everything in between) we've got you covered. For up-to-date store hours, please check our Facebook page.

Lake Wilson is considered by many to be the most beautiful park in Kansas. The reservoir stays so clean and blue thanks in part to an all-natural grassland drainage system that works as a 1,000 + acre filter. Wilson Lake is located between Russel County and Lincoln County in central Kansas. The park is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and it’s also used for wildlife management and recreation. Several parks are located along its shoreline, including Wilson State Park—home of Lake Wilson Marina. Lake Wilson is also home to the Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail— a 19.1 mile, lightly-trafficked loop, which is yet another draw to the beautiful area. For camping information or to reserve your spot today, please contact Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Lake Wilson Facts


Lake Wilson covers 14.13

miles squared


Lake Wilson is 24.23

miles long


Lake Wilson has a shore that stretches 99.98 miles


At it’s deepest point Lake Wilson measures 65 feet deep


The Saline river is Lake Wilson’s inflow and outflow point


Cities surrounding Lake Wilson include Wilson, Sylvan Grove

and Lucas

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